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New Jersey winters are brutal, especially on your roof and gutters.  Now is the time to install heat tape which will help prevent ice dams on your roof.  By installing heat tape it helps maintain an open drain path for water.  Heat tape must be installed before any accumulation of snow, so contact us now as time is limited.   

What causes ice dams?  When the snow on the roof starts to melt caused by heat escaping from the attic, it often refreezes when it reaches the eaves (which are cooler than the rest of the roof) — essentially creating an ice barrier that traps more snow and ice on your roof. These freeze and thaw cycles create ice dams that can quickly damage or even destroy roof coverings, gutters and downspouts. The resulting water damage to your home’s interior can be many times more expensive to repair than the roof or gutter itself.  

Also the weight of the ice dams and the accumulation of snow can cause shingles to come loose and actually pull off your gutters.  If you notice ice damming on your roof, it’s important that you take action before the problem gets worse.

We are experts in heat tape installation and have been helping customers resolve their ice dam issues for many years.  The heat tape cables are self-regulating and automatically adjust the heat output based on surrounding temperature (which will reduce energy consumption) and provides just enough heat to keep the ice from forming.

The best time to install heat tape or electric heating cables is during the Fall before the snow starts.  If you wait until the it starts snowing, it will be too late and you will have to wait another year.

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